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Regarding a certain Facebook controversy

Regarding a certain Facebook controversy

Now that it’s two and a half years later, I need to set the record straight about certain things. A friend recently wrote a blog post discussing an attempt to smear his reputation, and I realized it’s time I addressed a similar situation. Certain people in the East Coast larp community have tried to paint […]

The Butterfly Effect Manifesto

By Kjell Hedgard Hugaas and Sarah Lynne Bowman. This post was originally published on, and is reprinted here with permission from the authors . This manifesto describes in detail our preference for playing, designing, and facilitating larp experiences with the explicit purpose of encouraging transformative impacts within participants. This work is a synthesis of […]

The Power of Positive Bleed

Originally posted at The Space Between Stories. I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog discussing the negative bleed and how players can cope with it (the most prominent blog here); I suggest giving it a read in conjunction with this blog. However, I believe one of the most powerful, wonderful things about LARP is […]

A Preliminary Toolkit, from Living Games 2018

For anyone who missed my workshop on Alchemical Gaming at Living Games Conference 2018 and wanted to be there, here are the worksheet and handouts that we used. I revised them a bit in response to feedback from the participants. This is by far the most concisely and clearly I’ve ever been able to present this material, […]